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Changelog - Features & Expansion

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Server Beginning - Changes & Features  (See server Information for more details)

  • Added Extended Vending
  • Added Item Options Expansion
  • Changed Magnifier Function
    • Magnifier now identify all items in Inventory
  • Added Custom WoE
  • Added MvP Dungeon
  • Added Mining System
  • Added Fishing System
  • Added Card Recycler
  • Added VIP Potions
    • Used to get VIP Status, Potions are preferred so it can be bought & sold again by players.
  • Added Control Panel Card
  • Added Mark of Heroes
    • Used as a framework for future expansion
  • Expanded Maximum Inventory from 100 to 102
    • Compensating for Control Panel Card & Mark of Herores since those 2 items cannot be removed/stored.
  • Added Extra Storage System
  • Added Some Custom NPCs for QoL Improvement
  • Added Gepad Shield
  • Added Proxy Servers
  • Changed Guild Skill Behaviors
  • Added Headgear Quest NPC
  • Added Battleground Queue System
  • Added LGP Features
  • Added !VSync command
  • Modified VIP Status behaviour
  • Added Daily Login Rewards
  • Added Activity Rewards
  • Added Instant Rebirth Option in Training Ground
  • Added Custom Prontera
  • Some other small changes unrelated to game-play


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