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iGameRO is a private server focusing on the best aspects of Ragnarok Online gameplay,
and tailored specifically to better serve the player & enhance the already awesome RO Experience.

Both PvP & PvE content has been reworked and tailored to both play style to enhance player experience.
End-Game content is also expanded and reworked so player won't get bored after reaching the end-game experience,
there is always something to do for players, but there is no requirement to do it, you can compete & play according to your own choice of time.

We also have a fresh new concept of War of Emperium, bringing a fresh feature, available only in iGame Ragnarok, while alongside with the classic fun WoE system! Next on the list, is custom loot options! Here in our server, an item isn't limited only to it's slots for cards and their basic stats, but you can also get them with up to five additional effects! This brand new feature will open-up a new limitless combination for your character build!

The Only Limit is Your Imagination!

Keep scrolling & read more if you're interested!
If you find we're lacking... Do give us feedback, we really appreciate it!




Detailed Server Features & Information


Server Security Features

  • Gepard Shield
    • No one like cheaters & botters. Nuff said.
  • Proxy Servers
    • This hides our real server IPs to help in deterring DDOS attacks
    • Also, it will help reduce your ping if you have a bad connection outside of your country. We select our proxy server carefully so they have optimal connection to the server.
    • We currently have 3 proxy server active
      • Google Server - Singapore
      • Amazon Server - Singapore
      • CBTP Server - Indonesia
    • If you have a recommendation for more proxy server, please inform us so we can test it & maybe add more proxy server to help enjoy your time in iGameRO.
  • Active GM Teams
    • Our GM are very active and you can easily reach us by using the in-game feature for support request.
    • We also regularly patrol our server in the spirit of helping cheaters & botters getting their account banned, so they can play & enjoy the game properly.
  • Expert Admin & GMs
    • We have studied & played Ragnarok Online since our young age, so have plenty of experience in the world of midgard.
    • Our Admins know what they are doing when they are making new features & contents, so we can always fix the bug found in the server
    • The GM team have many years of experience playing Ragnarok Online, so they know not to introduce items & features that will break the balance in the game
  • Open Minded Team
    • Our experience & expertise on Ragnarok does not mean we are blind to suggestion & critics, we always welcome a healthy critics & sensible suggestion so we can always improve iGameRO.

Guild Related Features

  • WoE Challenge System
    • Classic WoE is all good & great, but a little spice up will never hurt! We left the Castles of Prontera for your favorite classic WoE, but we add in a little something for the other castles. You can now purchase & challenge a castle owned by other guilds to claim their castles, branching out from the classic time table WoE, you can have more fun! Fight for the prestige of your guild!
    • This WoE system is not open for public, and initiating a challenges means you'll fight the opposing guild & their allies, but don't feel defeated yet! You can also bring your guild allies into the fray and wreck your opposition!
    • You can find the NPCs used to purchase or challenge a castle owner right in-front of the related castle.
  • Guild Skill Changes
    • Guild skill are now always active everywhere! Bring your guild into the deepest dungeon & the furthest land out there, conquer more dungeon, mini-boss, and MvPs! Reign & hunt together with your guild member for the glory of your guild!
  • Classic WoE
    • There's always the classic WoE to accompany you in our server! Fight against many other guild and claim the castle, prove that your guild is the strongest in the server, and you'll be handsomely rewarded for it!

Play Style Enchancement Features

  • Depending on your play style, you'll get different benefits permanently.
    • Warmonger
      • Instant Lv. 99 & Max Jobs (Rebirth Included)
      • 100% HP & SP Respawn
    • Adventurer
      • Start at Lv. 1
        • Able to instantly rebirth at the begining (Lv. 1 High Novice)
      • EXP Rate +500% / +25% on Lv. 99
        • After you reach Lv. 99, EXP buff will be reduced to +25%
      • Drop Rate +25% / +50% on Lv. 99
        • AFter you reach Lv. 99, Drop Rate buff will be increased to +50%
      • Access to portable Agi & Bless buffer.

Loot Enhancement Features

  • Item Options
    • All equipment dropable by monster now provide not only their original stats, but there's also a chance to get your gears with additional options, a maximum of 5 additional stats can be found on the items. The more options it has, the rarer it is!
      Be creative & build a new hero to defeat all who challenges you!
    • Available gears with options are unlimited, from Weapons, Staff, Shields, Armors, Accessories, and even Headgears can have options! As long as they are dropped by monsters, you can get it!
  • Dropable Everywhere & Anywhere!
    • There's no donation for item options, to earn it you have to fight for it! Do not be afraid and hunt all the monsters, claim the strongest item, realize your dream build!

Additional Contents to Enjoy

  • MvP Dungeon
    • PvP Mode (Party vs Party) & Unlimited MvP Respawn!
    • A brand new dungeon to test your mettle and crush your enemies, while claiming as many MvP items as possible!
    • This dungeon opens only for 1 hour everyday, and to enter you require a party! Come prepared & accompanied with your friends, dominate the arena & slay the MvPs!
    • Only 1 random MvP will spawn everytime, you have to slay the MvP to make other MvP spawns. However there will be no delay in the spawning, every time a Boss is slain, a new one will respawn instantly, and there's no limit on how many time the MvP can respawn! You have only the time limit to slay as many MvP as possible!
    • You'll be competing with other parties while in the dungeon, so don't let your guard down and organize your team to fight other party while slaying the MvP!
    • There's a limit on how many time you can die inside the dungeon, so survive as long as possible or you risk getting kicked out of the dungeon! If you die & got kicked out however, don't be afraid because you can always re-enter the dungeon!
  • Extended Vending System
    • Vending is no longer limited to Zeny only transanction, although we hope to keep the in-game economy steady, we also provide expanded vending system for future & current use.
    • Currency available for vendings:
      • Zeny
      • Cash Point
        • Kafra Point cannot be used to purchase vending items.
      • Silver, Gold, Mithril, Platinum Coins
        • These are not used for now.
  • Mining Feature
    • Bored of hunting? Let's go mining!
    • Many mine nodes can be found in dungeons all around Midgard, let's explore the world!
    • Chance to obtain many useful minerals while mining!
  • All Official Headgear Quests
    • There are all very nice and cool! So we made it available for everyone to get. Make as many as your heart content.

Cash Shop Related Features

  • Activity Rewards
    • Every minute you spend in the game is rewarded accordingly to your base level. You are however, cannot abuse the system by using @autotrade/vending/chatting while staying only. If you're detected being AFK, the reward system will stop and will resume again upon your re-login.
    • 15 Kafra Points / Minutes
  • Daily Monster Hunting Quests
    • No more pointless grinding just for EXP, you can always take the quest available in Prontera for monster hunting quests! Upon completion of the quest you'll be rewarded with Zeny, and even Kafra Points!
    • I know we said daily, but really you can take the quest every 12 hours...
  • No Donation Only Items
    • You can obtain all items in the cash shop by using your Kafra Points, earned through quests, events, or activity rewards!
  • Balanced Donation Items
    • We want donation to help you have more fun in the server, not to be over-powered. So we put a lot of thought while adding and creating new items for the cash shop, you'll not find anything in there that will grant you strength.
    • All the items in the cash-shop will not give additional advantages compared to non-donating  players in the spirit of keeping balances.
    • There are equipment in the cash shop, but they will never provide bonus stats & all of them are just costumes. Fear not however, these are all really cool costumes!
  • VIP System
    • WAIT!! The VIP system is not designed to give unfair advantages for players who donate to the server, although we're very grateful for every bit of donation to help keep the server running, VIP status can be obtained for free just by playing the game! You can get the VIP status by using your Kafra Points earned from quest, activity, or events rewards!
    • The VIP system is designed to improve your gaming experience by providing plenty of features to make your gaming time more pleasure-able and less stressful.
    • VIP Status will grant you these benefits:
      • 50% Extra Base & Job EXP
      • 50% Extra Drop Rates from all Monsters
      • Additional Storage
      • Double Kafra Points earned from Activity Rewards
      • No Death Penalty
      • No Gemstone requirement for skills.
      • Anti Kill Steal protection. (@noks)
      • Change Font. (@font)
      • You're helping the server stay alive!

Quality of Life Features

  • Commands available for everyone
    • @autoloot, @mobinfo, @iteminfo, @whodrops, @refresh, @autotrade, @homfino,
      @homstats, @duel, @changegm(change guild master), @breakguild, @changeleader(change party leader),
      @commands(list all available commands in-game), @request (used to request for support or report a bug in-game)
  • Control Panel Cards
    • Quick access item in your inventory to help you access often used features in the game.
    • Commands accessible from control panels are:
      • Open Storage (open storage anywhere except PvP/GvG/WoE)
      • Open Guild Storage
      • Warp to Save Point
      • PvP Rank List
      • Auto-Potion features to help your hunts. (Disabled on PvP/GvG/WoE Maps)
      • Basic informations details (gives you more details on in-game features which you may want to read)
  • Custom NPCs
    • Stylist (Change hairstyle, hair color, and clothes color)
      • 31 Available Hairstyles
      • 127 Available Hair colors
      • 699 Available Color Palleets
      • All very high quality so your eyes won't hurt!
    • EXP Exchange System
      • Unlocked when you reach Lv. 99
      • EXP overflow can be used to purchase temporary buff
        • Skill Upgrades
        • Power Ups
        • Drop Rate +25% Enhancement
        • Safe Refine Protection (Can still fail, but item won't be broken).
    • Job Changer
    • Stats & Skill Resets
    • Platinum Skills
    • Breeder (Peco-peco, falcon, cart)
    • Buffer (Agi & Bless Only)
    • Marriage NPC
    • Warper
      • All Towns
      • All Dungeons (1st Floor Only)
      • All Fields
      • No Guild Dungeons! These are the benefits of owning a castle, why do you want it for free?!>:(
    • Card Recycler
      • This is a fun one! It's fully animated so it's really nice to play!
      • Trade in 5 Cards to earn 1 new random card!
      • There's also small chance you can also get a Mini-boss card!
      • No MvP Cards, sorry, you gotta earn it for that one!
    • GM Online List
    • WoE Schedule Board
  • LGP Features
    • A custom features to simplify effects from skills to help you see better during WoE
    • Ability to set a max cast range circle around your character so you can cast precisely
    • It really helps during battles, no kidding~
  • VSync Features
    • You can go beyond 30/60FPS by using !vsync commands
    • Give it a shot, makes your RO runs really smoothly!
  • RODex Features
    • Uh... for sending mails with item/zeny attached...
  • New Battleground Queue System
    • Official RO introduced them a while ago, however many private servers still use the old BG system. We in iGameRO see this as a must! So there you go, a brand new queue system for BG, just one click away from your screen!
  • Built-In Save & Replay Video



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