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  1. Changelog - Features & Expansion

    Server Beginning - Changes & Features (See server Information for more details)
  2. Comming Soon on ~TBD~ | | iGameRO is a private server focusing on the best aspects of Ragnarok Online gameplay, and tailored specifically to better serve the player & enhance the already awesome RO Experience. Both PvP & PvE content has been reworked and tailored to both play style to enhance player experience. End-Game content is also expanded and reworked so player won't get bored after reaching the end-game experience, there is always something to do for players, but there is no requirement to do it, you can compete & play according to your own choice of time. We also have a fresh new concept of War of Emperium, bringing a fresh feature, available only in iGame Ragnarok, while alongside with the classic fun WoE system! Next on the list, is custom loot options! Here in our server, an item isn't limited only to it's slots for cards and their basic stats, but you can also get them with up to five additional effects! This brand new feature will open-up a new limitless combination for your character build! The Only Limit is Your Imagination! Keep scrolling & read more if you're interested! If you find we're lacking... Do give us feedback, we really appreciate it! Detailed Server Features & Information Guild Related Features Play Style Enchancement Features Loot Enhancement Features Additional Contents to Enjoy Cash Shop Related Features Quality of Life Features
  3. Test Post

  4. 7D2D - iGame Community Server

    Buy the Game (Steam) Server Information & Rates General Rules